Creating owl friendly children, who go on to be owl friendly adults, living within owl friendly environments.


Community outreach and awareness.

Education for Owl Conservation Fund

The Township Owl Project would like to do education programs in schools situated in South African townships.

Educational Programme

Owl Release Programme

Owl Art Programme

The first part is the educational aspect and the second part is the owl release programme. 
Education is an important pillar of the project. Our teams go out to participating schools to give presentations on owls and their role in an ecosystem. These presentations are also used to address any remnant myths believed by the people in the townships.

School children sign up and receive permission from their parents to be involved with the project. The release program takes place over a three-week period. For the first 20 days, the juvenile Barn Owls (Tyto alba) or the Spotted Eagle Owls (Bubo africanus) are placed in an owl release box where they will be fed daily by the school children. After the 20 days, the owls are released onto the school premises. The science behind this is that the owls will remain around the school, where they will hunt for rodents and as adults, use the owl box as breeding site. The school is an ideal place for them as it is quite at night.

For the week after the owls have been released, the school children will continue to place food for the juvenile owls to support feed and continue to play the surrogate parent role. All the owls that are released through the project are owls we receive through rehabilitation centres and SPCA branches across Gauteng.

Owl Art Programme.

Through the project, the annual Alex Owl Day is organised. The school children have the opportunity to take part in the owl project each year, where participating learners paint the owl cut-out.  In 2017 for Alex Owl Day, we made 500 owl cut-outs for the children to paint. In 2018 our aim was to create 1000 pieces of owl masks and to get more schools involved in the owl art programme but we only managed to make 500. It is important for us that the school learners have fun as they learn. The owl art was displayed at the Knysna Timber Festival in September 2017 and the Birdlife South Africa’s African Bird Fair at the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens since 2016

Owl Naming Programme.

The Owl Naming Programme, launched 5 years ago, aims at providing generic names to the 12 individual owl species in each of the 9 African languages found throughout South Africa. Many children are brought up to think that all owl species have the same name. "Isikhova" in Zulu is used to describe a Giant Eagle Owl (Bubo lacteus) as well as a Pearl Spotted Owl (Glaucidium perlatum). It is hard to appreciate owls if we cannot name them specifically. This programme is a learner-led initiative and involves schools from across South Africa. 

 Bumper sticker campaign.



With over 3.9 million school children alone using public transport on a daily basis in South Africa, we want to get as many taxis involved as possible. We would love some help. A simple R5 donation adds another owl friendly taxi to our collection.  


Township owl box campaign. has launched a new campaign to install owl boxes in townships around Gauteng to debunk the myths and fears people have towards owls, it turns out people fear what they do not understand. 

We receive calls daily from the SPCA’s and townships about owls in the ceiling, but not everyone likes the idea of having an owl box installed on their property. However, after learning about the benefits, they then change their minds. The Township Owl Box Campaign aim is to provide owls in townships with suitable roosting sites and menace rodent population within townships and urban environment. is an NPO and funding is our biggest challenge. We need to get more material to make and install the owl boxes. Help us increase the number of owl boxes in townships so that owls can continue to control rodents and stop the use of rat poison within the townships.

Help us save the owls from being moved away from townships by giving them a comfortable home in township properties. One Barn Owl Box costs R1070.00 including installation. We have put up 12 owl boxes so far. 

You can help us make the campaign a success with this great initiative which is good for the environment and conservation by donating to the Township Owl Box from R500.00. Your donation will make an immense difference and a wonderful contribution towards urban conservation and ecology.


Support Our Campaigns

Taxi Drivers show the way!

With over 3.9 million school children alone using public transport on a daily basis in South Africa, we want to get as many taxis involved as possible. We would love some help. A simple R5 donation adds another owl friendly taxi to our collection.

  Owl Art Project 

Since 2016, learners from 6 different schools have painted over 2000 owl pictures onto the off-cuts left over from EcoSolutions owl box manufacturing process. In 2017 the learners owl art was exhibited at the BirdlifeSA Bird Fair and amazingly, ended up on exhibit in Minnesota USA. 

If you love these artworks as much as we do - help us by sponsoring a kid's owl art.

Education for Owl Conservation.

The programs are designed to educate school children on the purpose of owls in the urban environment and to assist in the conservation of owls in South Africa.